Monday, September 21, 2009

Chandler Has a Gay Old Time

Chandler is so much different than my last dog Molly. Molly looked at the cats as furry little Pez dispensers that dropped turd flavored candies in the sand box for her convenience. Chandler however, takes it one step further. He tries to stimulate the ejection of that candy by licking the kitty's butts. Strangely, Fat Kitty doesn't seem to mind it much. Another difference is when I used to walk Molly, she never would eat strange things off the ground. She was too much of a fussy eater to partake of road kill, just meat and cat turds for her, thank you. This evening while on our walkies, Chandler found a toad squashed flat with it's innards squished out, and he stopped to lick it up. He got two or three licks in before I screamed in horror, and dragged him, kicking and licking, away from the carnage. Another difference between Molly and Chandler is that Molly was never sexually attracted to other dogs. Yes, she wanted to run over and play with them, or sometimes beat the crap out of them, whichever she felt was needed, but never did she show interest or want the interest of other dogs in 'that way'. Chandler is much different. Even though I had his nuts removed a year ago, he is sexually attracted to other dogs, and it's not female dogs that he wants. In a crowd of canines, he will ignore the females, and lavish attention on the male dogs. He has one neighborhood friend, a huge Great Dane named Kevin, who when the two of them get together, tries to mount poor little Chandler. I would have a little more pity for him if he didn't always turn around and stick his butt up in Kevin's face. However, Kevin isn't Chandler's true love interest. His absolute favorite and the one he looks for every time we walk is Dandy. He literally squeals with delight when he spots Dandy, and when they walk past our house Dandy whines and pulls his owner, Mandy (yes it's Dandy and Mandy), towards our front gate. So the feeling is mutual between Dandy and Chandler, and the two of them are so cute together that we set up a play date for them Sunday at the dog park. We'll just have to keep an eye on them, and make sure they don't disappear into the bushes.


  1. Awe, that's sweet. But, he should bite you for putting that tired wig on him.

  2. I guess he just does what he sees around the house.

  3. Hhahaa he looks GREAT !!!!