Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video Thursday

No animals were harmed in the filming of this movie. Although, Fat Kitty did break a nail.


  1. Cute!!

    Fat Kitty has a wicked right hook. Chandler better watch it.

  2. Syd's right...FK has that paw back just waiting to connect with Chandler's snout.

  3. I love Chandlers vocalizations..... just wish we could translate!

  4. Give Fat Kitty plenty of high and safe places to get away from Chandler. Oh and don't trim Fat Kitty's nails.

    I think Chandler is saying, "Even though you were here first Fat Kitty, this is my territory too now. Can't we just get along."

    Fat Kitty is replying, "Hell NO! This is my kitchen."

  5. Fat Kitty has plenty of places that are considered neutral, or her own territory. Chandler doesn't bother her when she is in or on those places.

    Chandler does not want to 'get along' with Fat Kitty or Carlotta Kitty. He wants to put them in his mouth and lick their butts.

    I keep her claws trimmed because she loves to get on my chest and do her kitty knitting. It hurts.

  6. Thanks for not declawing your kitties.

    Declawing is amputation! Read horror stories of declawing at:

  7. Garet has a website for all your stories, Alan!