Monday, October 24, 2016

Dog Shit and Green Grass

I think I mowed the lawn for the last time yesterday. The last time before winter that is. I assume that this fantastic fall weather, that is only a tad cooler than summer, can't continue on forever. That first freeze has to show up sometime and I hope I'm prepared. I checked with my neighbor, Croatian Steve, about the snow blower he said he would get me. He said, "Ya, I talk to guy. It okay, you snow blower okay." I'm hoping that, that means he is getting me the snow blower. I could go get a new one from Home Depot, but Croatian Steve can get me one for around a hundred dollars, and it would come with a lifetime guarantee. Once again, that is Steve's lifetime, not mine. Steve has cancer. So anyway, in preparation for mowing I have to pick up all the dog shit in the yard. Funny thing is, if you walk the yard that dog shit is hard to see. So I went up to the second floor to survey the scene. Dog poop will burn out your lawn and sure enough, there it was. Little brown, burned out circles where each turd laid. I got my plastic bag and my plastic gloves, and proceeded to clear the lawn of poop before mowing. Unfortunately, my method of clearing the lawn is not one hundred percent fool proof.

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