Monday, August 4, 2008

Anniversary Day

Hooray!! It has been exactly one year since I started writing these stories. It started out as a way to relate my vacation stories from our trip to Georgia, and went on from there. I don't know if anyone finds these stories interesting at all. Maybe you find them kind of boring. What I do know is that I find it is a great way to waste a hour or so each day, while embarrassing some of my brothers and sisters. For most of the last year, Mark had not read any of my little stories. It was when one too many people came up to him and mentioned something about his cooking, or driving, or shopping, that he decided to start seeing what it was I was writing. Since then, I have had to tone down my reports of Marks driving and shopping. Rats!!

I have gone through all the easily remembered stories of my youth that are fit to print, and many times I walk around the house wondering what the hell is left to write about. Then something pops into my head, or something stupid happens around here, and boom, I have a story.

I am taking a week off to go to Chicago, and I am sure I'll return with a few stories. In the meantime I would love it if everyone would take the time to leave a comment, as a review of my stories. Do you love them? Do you hate them (why would you even click on my blog if you did)? Do you just visit this site out of courtesy? Please, just give me a little feedback. For the next week it will be all 'Photo Friday's', even if it's not Friday. See you next week.



  1. What are the dates you'll be in Chicago? Maybe I'll run down to see ya's

  2. I look forward to reading your blogs. Most of the time it makes me laugh. You are a very good writer and I hope you don't stop! The Mark stories are the best. Have a great trip and I'll see you next week!!

  3. I love reading your storys, Helps me feel like i see you both more offen.
    Plus your a great writer/story teller.

  4. of course i like your blog. i wouldn't read it if i didn't. well, maybe it's mostly because I'm bored at work...but I still love it nonetheless.

  5. You know I enjoy your blog....we share a lot of the memories of our childhood...even if your memories are a little warped!!! Your writing is so descriptive and vivid that it's easy to envision what you are writing about. And your pictures are an added treat, keep up the good work!!
    P.S. the only thing I dislike are the "anonymous" comments... if you write it-own it people!!!!

  6. I love your stories,keep them coming! I try and share the joy of reading your blog. On the Putz side, it helps me remember all the things I didn't realize I had forgotten. (not to be compared to my daily routine of not remebering shit, for instance I get in my car and start driving with no idea where the hell I'm going.
    Thank you, Alan!
    I love you.
    Oh,and I love the Mark stories..I don't think you ever wrote about Mark taking the "Family Photo" at mom's..

  7. Alan: I too really love reading your blog. I know I don't log on everyday, but when I do I always catch up on everything you have written since last I did. Please continue to share your life and your adventures.

    I agree with Peggy. It's a bit gutless to leave your comment signed "anonymous".