Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let Your Fingers do the Walking

While walking Sasha around the block today I noticed a strange black man on the street. I don't mean strange in that the man was behaving oddly, or had worms growing out of his ears. I mean strange because there are so few black faces in our neighborhood that I know each and every one. I didn't know this guy. What's more, I noticed he had something yellow clutched under his arm and he was moving quickly away from me. Before I could act on my primitive notions I realized he was delivering The Yellow Pages. Do you remember those? I looked around, and on each porch was a plastic yellow bag containing that obsolete publication. I don't think I've looked inside the Yellow Pages for at least ten years. For a while, each year, I would pick the fresh Yellow Pages up off the porch and bring it inside. There it would sit for a whole year, untouched, and unloved. Sure, it did have a few uses. It held the office door open on breezy days, and served as a device for flattening things that needed flattening, but other than that I have no use for it. It just takes up valuable space here in our very cluttered home. So when I got home with Sasha, sure enough, there were two yellow bags laying on the porch. As I gathered them up and put them in the place I have reserved for them, all I could do was think of the poor trees that gave up their lives for this ignominious end.
Reserved for the Yellow Pages


  1. At our school our Environmental Club had a contest about recycling. Here are the answers to the 2 questions about trees. It made me sick seeing how many trees are wasted!
    4) Nearly 1 million trees are cut down annually to make junk mail in the U.S.
    5) 10 million tons of newspapers are not recycled each year. If we recycled these papers we would save 75 million trees each year.

  2. For the record, the books were thrown in the recycling bin. I just thought the garbage bin would make a stronger statement.