Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please and Thank You

There was the incident at the Target return counter when Mark told the girl, "I don't want to talk to some little nobody with a name tag. Get me a manager!". And then there was O'Hare Airport where Mark told the young lady who was instructing him that he had waited in the wrong line, "I'm not going to take this from some flunky dressed like a McDonalds counter girl. Get me a manager, somebody in a suit!". Most amusing was when we were on a train in Germany and we had entered through the wrong car. As we struggled with our suitcases to make our way to the first class cars, a large woman blocked Mark's path. "Hey, Ava Braun! Get the hell out of my way, you fahrvergn├╝gen schwein!".

Yesterday morning Mark was stomping around the house bitching about the mailman again. It seems that two packages that he was expecting hadn't shown up and he was pissed. "I'm going over to the post office and give them some hell." He informed me. Knowing a good story when I saw one, I tagged along. What a let down. Mark was, for Mark, very restrained. Even when the manager came out front to talk to him and gave Mark attitude, he was restrained. He got in a few quiet cracks about Mr. O. our mail carrier, but all and all Mark was polite. There was no story, nothing funny for me to write about. I think he's catching on to me.


  1. I want Mark to write a comeback and insult book.
    "A Queen's Guide to Backlash and Bullsh*t"
    I want to be witty just like him!

  2. Don't find HIS extreme rudeness and ignorance funny or helpful to anyone. He seems to have a very inflated ego that usually backfires. Not a pleasant person to be around so they probably try to get rid of him ASAP. No Golden Rule for him apparently.

  3. Flamboyancy breeds flamboyancy