Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working in the Garden

Now that I had the philodendron cleaned out of the garden, it's like a blank canvas. There's room for flowers and other plants, and it makes it harder for the racoons, possums, snakes, iguanas, and other critters to hide out there. My tenant's confrontation with two racoons on the front porch last week kind of spurred me to clean it out.


  1. I'm assuming that in your tenant's confrontation with wildlife there were vulgar words/actions exchanged between him/her and the racoons?
    It wasn't that the racoons were just minding their own business and hanging out--that would be overreacting on the tenant's part in my opinion.
    Tenant: Hey! Quit pooping in the shallow end of Alan's pool!
    Raccoon: Oh yeah...make us. As a matter of fact, watch this. (Poops on tenant's shoe.)

  2. No words at all were exchanged. I do not allow smoking in my apartments so my tenant smokes on the front porch. She sits out there day and night like a chimney. Last week she looked up from her Iphone long enough to see that two racoons were eying her from just a few feet away. She was terrified and did call for her husband to come out and rescue her. At that point the racoons did turn and leave. Probably to go into the back yard and poop in the pool while the cats watched.

  3. The flowers look pretty, Alan. I often have conversations with our local racoon.....he can eat the garbage as long as he keeps it in the can!

  4. When local racoons started partying in our attic we finally decided it was time for a new roof. They moved on when the passageways were sealed up -- now there are just squirrels partying in the back-yard Oak tree feeding on birdfood. Ditto, nice flowers.

  5. We used to feed the birds, Roger. Until I realized we weren't just feeding the birds, but the squirrels and giant, well fed rats.

  6. Doesn't it feel good to clear out the garden? Or to find someone to do it?

    I suggest filling in with stones.