Monday, February 10, 2014

Squeaky Clean

Before you go "Ewwww..!" at the end of this post, remember, every time you eat at a restaurant you are putting a fork or spoon in your mouth that thousands of other people have had in their mouth.

I am finding that the older I get, the more I forget. I forget to take medications, I forget if it's garbage day or not, and sometimes I forget to turn on the dishwasher. Saturday morning I got up, walked the dogs, and then started to prepare breakfast for Mark and me. While the bacon and eggs cooked I took the time to empty the dishwasher. Dishes up in the cabinet, glasses in another cabinet, large pot goes in the big drawer, and glasses in the cabinet next to the fridge. It was when I got to the silverware that I realized something was wrong. There were bits of food still stuck between the tines of the forks. I checked some other pieces and they also had food on them. Then I looked at the little trap door where the detergent goes. It was still closed. So how come I didn't realize the dishes weren't clean when I put them away in the cabinet? Because they get licked clean before I load them.

And yes, I did go back and try to find all the dishes that I had already put away.


  1. Our dog pre-washes our dishes also. Never forgot to wash them though. I do kiss the dog first then my girlfriend when I get home from work. Does that count?

  2. Our dogs also like to clean plates....which is why we use paper plates usually! They do a really good job, ZOE has been known to lick a hole in it before she brings it over to the garbage can!

  3. Pickles practically crawls into the dishwasher as I'm loading it up with dirty dishes.