Tuesday, March 8, 2016

High Anxiety

For the last couple of weeks I've been waking up at five in the morning. Not unusual, I get up two or three times a night to pee. Along with that sweet Social Security, young people calling you "sir", and senior discounts at Walgreen's, a swollen prostate is one of the perks of growing old. My problem is that once I wake up, I can't fall asleep again. Instead I lay there, my brain stewing over what I have to do in preparation for the move to Chicago. At five in the morning the task of moving seems insurmountable. The longer I lay there the more anxious I get about the whole deal, until I finally get out of bed. I figure that instead of worrying about what I have to do, I'll get up and do it. Plenty of packing and paper work to do. I have heard other people refer to having "anxiety attacks", but until now I have never really experienced such a thing. Now my whole life is a giant anxiety attack. I have to pack, do the real estate deal, make sure the phone, electric, and everything else is turned off, turned on, or forwarded, and I have to do it mostly by myself. I'm responsible for Mark, the two dogs, and just about every other living thing within fifty feet of me. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....  !!!!
So I get up at five in the morning with the best of intentions. But before I take care of business, I turn on the computer and check my email, my facebook, and my blog. Then, just so I can calm down a little bit, I click on "games". Ten card games and two mahjong games later, it's time to walk the dog and take a nice little nap. Yes, I'm getting it all done around here.


  1. Remember to bring the warm weather with you. Thanks for the the warm weather your already sent. It's an early Spring! I hope...

  2. You are welcome Michi Gander, or may I just call you Mr. Gander or Mich?