Friday, March 25, 2016

I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says....

I spent twenty five years in the computer business. I learned multiple operating systems, hardware, and devices. I could walk up to a computer screen and decipher how to use that computer within minutes. It all seemed so intuitive to me. So how come, now that I traded in my antique flip phone for a smart phone, I now feel like a cave man confronted by a library of books.

Yesterday Mark and I upgraded. I got an android smart phone that is apparently much smarter than I am. I have been poking at that thing, swiping the screen this way and that, and listening to it beep, sing, and vibrate, yet I still don't know how to use it. I now know how my mom felt when I tried to teach her to use a computer.
"Okay Mom, just click on that icon and your email will come up."
"Click on? What does that mean, and by icon do you mean that tiny little picture?"
"No Mom, use the mouse." (Her computer did not have touch screen technology.) "Just slide the mouse while watching the cursor move across the screen."
"Oh dear. I don't think that is possible."
By the time I left my mom alone with her computer, I was certain that she had mastered the task of opening her email... even if it would take her ten minutes. But alas, her email account filled up with hundreds of emails while her computer became little more than a giant space hog on her desk.

Anyway, so I now have a smart phone that can receive texts, photos, and chat. I thought it would be a little easier to  reply to those things with a smart phone. The old flip phone would take me five minutes to reply "hello back at you" to a text. Now a nice keyboard pops up so that I can poke away with my thumbs and fingers, misspelling everything because my thumbs and fingers are too damn fat, and taking five minutes to reply because I have to keep going back and retype everything.

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