Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm a nervous wreck. I have discontinued the electric service as of next Saturday, same for the phone/internet/television, and city utilities. Ninety nine percent of my house is in boxes, sealed and ready for the movers that are coming on Saturday. Mark is all set to fly to Chicago, and my friend Dennis and I are ready to drive the PT Cruiser one last trip up north with the dogs. Yet I don't have a time and place for the closing on the sale of this house. I have a contract that says it is to be Friday, but like I said, no time or place. I've emptied a full bottle of Tums, yet my stomach is still churning, and Mark didn't help with his curried chicken the other night. So far I've unloaded four curried chicken craps in the last twenty four hours. Luckily my good friend Dennis is here to help. Both in the move and for getting me to go out for a drink. As Friday the 25th of March, chugs closer and closer like a runaway train, my nerves are quite frayed. And all I ask around this house, is for Mark to talk a little less, ask a few less questions, and stop having me pack things to move that we haven't used in ten years. Just yesterday morning he gave me a set of poker chips and a card shuffling machine that he wants to take with us. In nineteen years Mark and I have never played poker, never played cards... ever. Unless you count those games on the computer. Then yes, we've played a million times.


  1. Garfunkle in MichlandMarch 22, 2016 at 11:04 AM

    Happy for your new venture and sad that you are leaving Florida. Hope you fare well on your cross country road trip. Take lots of photos, stop and see all the sights, take your time, and most of all see it as a well deserved vacation.

    1. No sightseeing. Dennis plans to drive straight through.