Friday, August 4, 2017

Ten Years After

 Another of my little stories from the first week of my blog, ten years ago.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Doggy Gourmet

Molly and Carlotta
I have eaten many things in my life. Some good, like steak, prime rib, lobster, Midwest sweet corn, Grandma’s bread. I’ve eaten things that I don’t like. Beets, squash, shipwreck (a casserole my mother made when we were kids, consisting of ground beef, half cooked sliced potatoes and tomato sauce plus whatever leftover vegetables she could find in the fridge).
My dog Molly has certain tastes she likes. Steak, beef, ground beef, pork products, lamb, and of course kitty litter encrusted cat turds.
I was in my bedroom tonight and Molly comes trotting in from the kitchen with something long and tubular hanging out of her mouth. I thought, where the hell did she get that hot dog? It wasn’t until she laid down next to the bed and started to enjoy her find that I realized what she had. A lovely piece fresh out of Carlotta’s litter box. This is the dog that I let lick my face just a while ago.
I thought I had broken her of this disgusting habit. Now I know why she has never hurt or chased Carlotta. She just smells her butt now and again and realizes that is where the doggy treat factory is.
Gotta go now. I have to scoop the litter box again.

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