Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Claritin Might Help

I think it's time to try and clean up my office again. Yesterday I found tax returns that I filed during the Clinton era when Chelsea Clinton was a child, and being a hedge fund manager was still just a wishful fantasy for her. I know that I often blame Mark for creating so much clutter in our house, but here in my office it is my lack of self regulation that results in such things as old Studebaker parts, obsolete disk drives, and worthless computer books filling up my desk. I need to have a new rule, if my computer cannot read it or use it in any way, it needs to be thrown out. As for the Studebaker parts, I just need to open an EBay account and let 'em go.

I will probably burn out my paper shredder getting rid of all the old IRS forms and receipts from years ago, but it needs to be done. My friend Dennis is threatening to visit, and the only place besides the living room couch for him to sleep, is in my office. I figure if I start this week tossing stuff, cleaning, and fumigating the place, it will be inhabitable for someone besides Fat Kitty, and Chandler by Valentines day. I also need to get a hold of one of those black lights like they use on Dexter to see where all the bodily fluids have been splattered. I'm afraid the area around my computer might light up like times square. I know that sounds awful, but I just happen to sneeze a lot when I'm using the computer.....   why, what did you think I meant?


  1. I'll be there on the 18th; PLEASE use disinfectant. And don't plan on USING your computer for a week.

  2. Alan! Your MOTHER reads this!!

    Having company is the best motivation to do the cleaning we've been putting off.

  3. What Syd? My mom knows I have allergies. Besides, I email her the stories and edit them appropriately. She'll never read this one. (famous last words)

  4. Dennis, get a room.

  5. I did, it's Alan's office. Thanks for caring.