Monday, February 22, 2010

What's The Green Hopper? It's The Free Bus For Drunks.

I was really only joking about being hung over all week because of Dennis' visit, and had no intentions of over imbibing, but sometimes events trump self preservation. Within hours of Dennis arriving, we were out and about revisiting all our old haunts. I do remember stating out loud that the drinks at the Alibi seemed pretty weak, as I slugged down cocktail number three. I also know that I have said that I try to limit my intake to three vodkas, but it was the two for one cocktail hour. That of course means that I still had a drink chip sitting in front of me, so not wanting to waste it I summoned up drink number four. After meeting and greeting old friends and acquaintances at the Alibi we made our way down the street to Matty's bar. It turns out that Matty's had very reasonably priced drinks also, and I am told that I had three vodka cocktails at that establishment. All I know is that the last thing I remember was flagging down the Green Hopper bus. I don't remember getting into the Green Hopper, getting out of the Green Hopper, or even walking Chandler around the block after we got home, but I am assured by Dennis that I did all those things.

What I do know is that I woke up at seven Friday morning with Chandler one inch from my face whining to go out, a wad of cotton in my mouth, and what felt like a giant vice grip clamped around my head. There really was no vice grip or cotton in my mouth, but the whining dog dancing around and begging to go out was for real. Forty five minutes later, I pulled myself together enough to take Chandler walkies around the block, with only one barf stop behind the bushes by the church. I haven't felt that bad in years, but I think it is a good lesson that I need once every decade. Three drinks are enough. One other thing, I found an empty bottle of wine in the garbage. It is possible that I finished off the wine from dinner after we returned home, but since nobody saw me do it, I say I didn't. But it surely would explain the absolute nausea I felt all day Friday.


  1. That morning headache is the reason I don't drink like I am 19 anymore (if at all). Been there, done that. We need all the brains cells we can preserve after reaching 50. Glad you had a good time though.

  2. OMG, I *love* the drunk bus. Glad you had the sense to use it too.

    I'm gonna have to remember the "if nobody saw me" rule.