Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Chance of Showers

I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago, pee on the floor of the shower. Yes I know, so what's new, doesn't everybody do it? Yes, I think so, but this was showing up when nobody had been in the shower, and besides I only do it while the water's running. My immediate suspicion was Fat Kitty. That cat is always hanging around the shower, and licking up water off the floor. Anyway, it didn't matter to me, I'd just wash it down. The fact that she was doing it in there and not on the rug was a relief in itself. After all she is getting older, and they don't make kitty Depends.

Last night after bowling I came home to find Mark cowering in the corner of the bedroom.
"Look in the shower. I haven't been able to go in there all night."
I figured a dead rat was in there, so I walked in, turned on the light, and there it was. A dog turd in the shower. A dog turd deposited in the middle of a puddle of pee in the shower. The mystery was solved. Sasha is shower trained. She could poop on the rug next to Mark's side of the bed. That would be exciting, especially in the middle of the night. Or, she could leave one behind the sofa, or under the dining room table, causing me to search for the aromatic gift. But no, she being a well brought up little dog put it in the most convenient, easy to clean place she could find.

Sasha was supposed to be Mark's dog. He has in fact walked her twice in two weeks, fed her zero times, and has never picked up one of her turds. He also wants to change her name to Toto, and he wonders why she never comes when he calls her. No, the fact is that Sasha is Chandler's dog. She is the one that entertains him now, chasing around the living room every evening instead of him bringing me a saliva soaked squeaky toy to throw a hundred times. So if she wants to poop in Mark's shower, I say fine. If she wants to poop next to Mark's side of the bed, she has to warn me. I need time to go get the video camera.


  1. I think Toto is the perfect name! She's a smarty pants to do her do do in the shower...Good luck training her to do it on Marks side of the bed:) I can't wait to see the video!
    bliss farm antiques

  2. They do make depends for dogs...

  3. I think that's great that she was trained to go in the shower! Please make sure you have the video camera going if Sasha poops next to Mark's side of the bed - that will make a GREAT video Thursday!!
    Oh yeah - Happy Thanksgiving Alan and Mark

  4. I would just physically place Sasha's poop next to Mark's side of the bed and have the camera rolling when he wakes up and steps in it. He haw! Now that would be good video viewing.

  5. Now, now, no need to be so graphic....I'm sure that Alan still has the "fake poop" of his childhood stashed away somewhere. That would work fine on Marks side of the bed!

  6. Fake poop doesn't have the same effect. Real poop will...on second thought Fake poop may be more sanitary. So yes, I agree with the Pegster on this one.

  7. Peggy, that fake poop belonged to our other brother. He also had fake vomit. Remember faking out Meemaw P*** with that one? (I've taken to using Meemaw instead of grandma since I started watching 'Raising Hope'.)

  8. OMG! I love "Raising Hope" also!! Cloris Leachman is the BEST weird Gramma ever!! And,yes, I do remember the fake vomit episode... do you remember the "melting ice cream bar" on Mom's new sofa episode? Why would we want to do such stunts to make her yell even louder at us?!?