Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Scary Night

Whoa what a scary night.

Chandler is barking and trying to go through the window because the possum is outside again. That critter is amazingly huge and healthy looking, largely because I am apparently feeding it a diet of cat food that the cats have generously offered up to the beady eyed creature. When I go out there to chase the thing away, it just looks contemptuously at me with those fangs and that long rat tail, like I'm the interloper. Then there is Mark in his Halloween costume, looking remarkably like Obama trying to force healthcare on me. Damn, access to healthcare can really be frightening. Meanwhile, up and down the street a few little kids can be seen in various costumes, threatening to trick the neighbors who don't give in to their demands for candy. Further on up the road is the annual Wilton Manors Halloween celebration, full of drag queens and guys prancing around in skimpy costumes, trying to show as much skin as possible without being arrested. That wouldn't be scary but for the pot bellied, out of shape men who have a completely skewed self image, also showing way too much skin.

But of course that is not the scary night that I'm talking about. Halloween is child's play. Huge possums cavorting outside the living room window, antagonizing Chandler, is something I can deal with. Even Mark dressed as Barack Obama doesn't scare me. No, none of that is part of the scariest night of the year. Tomorrow night when I am sitting in front of the television watching the government being taken over by witches, head stompers, people who see invisible headless Mexicans, and folks who don't believe in evolution or science, that is when I will be scared to death.

Watching those election returns, whoa, that is a scary night.



  1. This whole post creeps me out. Especially that a gay man would recycle a Halloween costume.

  2. I think Mark learned his lesson not to be so lazy. Obama wasn't quite as popular this year as two years ago. This time Mark had to endure the occasional gay 'Tea' partiers coming up to him and yelling "Nancy Pelosi", "Stimulus", and "Obamacare". Of course when he stopped to ask what the hell they mean by those buzz words, they can't quite spell it out. They just know they don't like that stuff because they heard somewhere it was bad.

  3. I think I just turn the TV off, I can't stand it.
    I am so sick of the commercials I want to puke.
    Can't wait to see what these miracle workers are going to do to make things right, especially since it all started under their watch.
    I can't believe how stupid people can be.

  4. It is truly amazing to me how the dirt on both parties comes out during election time.

  5. The silver lining is that the taped phone calls and crappy, lying commercials will cease. But of course then we will have to listen to the talking heads tell us minute by minute what we don't care about. Wrap it up and be done with it!! Nothing changes for the majority, just the players at the top! Thank goodness I have lots of recorded shows to watch!!!