Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crash Course

'Beep, beep'.
The call waiting was rearing it's ugly head again. I hate call waiting, yet I never remember to turn it off. I could sit in this house for three days and never get a telephone call, yet let me pick up the phone and call interrupting will start nagging me.
 'Beep, beep'.
"Just a minute, I have another call."
"Somebody hit the car! They wrecked the car!"
It was Mark, in a panic, his voice so high it was almost out of the range of human hearing.

After calming him down, I managed to get the pertinent information out of him. It seems Mark had parked the car behind a store, and somebody tearing through the alley had clipped the tail-light. That meant that I had to go and take care of it. You see, Mark doesn't handle things. By that, I mean if the house was burning down, he would have to call me to come home and dial 911 for him. So Saturday afternoon I took the little free bus up to where Mark had parked the car, and called the police.

Of course the cops couldn't do anything. There were no witnesses, and whoever the asshole it was who hit our little PT Cruiser, took off without leaving any note. Now I have to pay that five hundred dollar deductible that I opted for, so I could save twenty dollars a month on collision insurance. So what was Mark doing at that store? He was helping out a friend who owns the store. She works twelve hours a day in her business, and Mark was giving her a break for a few hours. She paid him of course. He made fifty dollars.


  1. As they say, 'no good deed goes unpunished'. Believe me, I've found this out time and again. But I seem to be a slow learner.

  2. Maybe ya better lower that deductible now and pay the extra twenty dollars per month.

  3. a little clear red tape and some buffing compound. good as new.