Monday, May 30, 2011

The Glades

Last Wednesday morning I got up and took Chandler for his early morning walk. When we stepped out front, I was confronted with a truly strange sight. Overnight, at the end of our block, appeared numerous semi-trucks, mobile office trailers, scaffolding, lights, and dozens of cars. When Chandler and I got down there, I asked one of the many men scurrying around what was going on.
"Shooting a television show."
"Really? Which one?"
"The Glades."
"The Glades? Never heard of it. What channel is that on?"
"A&E. This is the second season.", he answered gruffly, and then turned and walked off towards all the hubbub.
He seemed to be a bit perturbed that I had even asked him, and even more when I expressed my ignorance of The Glades.

Of course the minute I got home I Googled The Glades.
"An attractive and brilliant Chicago homicide detective moves to the sleepy, middle-of-nowhere town of Palm Glade, Florida."
I checked out the cast, and didn't recognize one name in it. The star is some guy named Matt Passmore. I wanted to see the show, so I set my DVR to record it that afternoon. After all, if our little block is going to be on television, I want to see it. Sadly, I will probably miss it because after watching The Glades, my opinion is that it's boring. This guy, Matt Passmore, plays a cop who thinks he's the moral superior to everyone else. It had bad acting, and a stupid story line, and put me to sleep halfway through it. Later, just for kicks, I Googled Matt Passmore with the added word naked. Turns out that I might just give The Glades another chance.


  1. That's when you really know you're don't know the actors and don't recognize whose on the cover of people either I bet:)

  2. Get your ass out there and be an extra on the show. Better yet, get Alexis' ass out there...

  3. Yeah, and Alicia too. She could act as the body being rolled out by the hunky paramedics after Alexis spikes her tea with vodka.

  4. Oh yeah Alan....get yourself in the background! Funny thing is, I happened to watch it by accident over the weekend. I thought it wasn't much worse than most of the drivel out there, but now i really am interested to see how your neighborhood shows up!

  5. I agree that the acting and storylines are really bad! It's painful to watch the smug actor in his pretend relationship with a married woman try to convince the viewers that he is sincere about anything. Ugh! At least English actors who get their own show can act, whereas, this sad excuse for a dramacop has no believability in his presentation. Why be so smug? Why accuse every single person in the plot of murder without anything to back it up? Why instantly have every answer simply because you have a genius intern who can manipulate every computer, camera, or search engine to discover every minimal detail? And don't get me started on the frog who plays the "love" interest. Can that woman ever clear her throat before speaking? Ribbit...ribbit...that's basically what I hear when she opens her mouth...yeah, the same one that almost never eeks out a smile. And that loser husband of hers? We're supposed to believe that there was ever any chemistry between them? How dummbb are we supposed to be? (intended misspelling) This is really one of the all-time worst cop shows that has erred on tv. Ooops...I mean aired.