Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feel the Burn

There are two things I know for certain. Mark is not a nurse and I am not a cook. This will be short because I am in great pain. Mark was out of the house yesterday until after seven in the evening. He left me very good instructions on how to prepare a pork tenderloin so that dinner would be ready when he got home. What was not stated specifically in the instructions, was DO NOT TOUCH THE HOT SKILLET! Something I think would be self evident to even the most unskilled cook.

I am typing this with one finger. My right hand has been bandaged the best that Mark could do. Considering just how squeamish he is, he didn't do so bad. That, some cooling gel, and a five year old Oxycodone pill that I took, seem to have made things bearable for now.


  1. All that for a 5yr old Oxycodone? I'd do it, but only for a 2yr old Percocet.

  2. Sorry! You can always say that you couldn't see the hot handle...... I use limited vision as an excuse for clumsiness all the time!

  3. Fellow clumsy personMay 2, 2013 at 4:19 PM

    Hope the hand is doing better today Alan. Ouch!!