Friday, December 20, 2013

Alanland Diaries

Last night I took Mark to see a one man show called The Santaland Diaries. As I have with every new purchase this week, with every dining out experience, and with every drink I pay for, I tried to pass it off as Mark's birthday present.
     "Happy birthday Mark. Enjoy the show."
     "You better be kidding."
The trouble is, I was not. Now I have to scramble around to find the perfect birthday present for Mark. As of now I am thinking towards one of those cash cards. Or, I could just stick a fifty dollar bill in a card, kind of like grandma used to do, only with no zero behind it... and a one instead of a five. Anyway, Mark enjoyed the show which is based upon a book by David Sedaris. Unfortunately this show did not star David Sedaris. The guy who did it was okay, he made me laugh, but I love David Sedaris. Anyway, here is a sample of the book as spoken by David Sedaris.


  1. I'm siding with Mark on this have to have David Sedaris reading for it to be a good birthday present. His voice reading off a grocery list will get me going...

  2. Don't get jealous. David Sedaris lives about 1/2 away from my house.
    He's such a national treasure.

    Sorry but I can't help you with Mark's birthday present.

  3. Kim, you mean it would take me less time to walk to David Sedaris' house from your house than it takes me to walk my dog around the block? If I lived there, I would be walking my dogs past his place constantly. I would be such a pest.

  4. And he would write a story about you leaving your dog shit on his property!!