Wednesday, December 18, 2013


You would think that after the last two evening's dinners I would have lost some weight. No, not because I was fed some low calorie, low fat, small portioned dinners. It's because I had to work for my food. I had to work hard. On Monday night Mark made crab legs for dinner, and last night our friend Russell took us out for lobster. So for two nights in a row I was cracking, splitting, peeling, and sucking the meat out of crustaceans. There was juice flying everywhere, and bits of shell slicing into my fingers. Hard work, it was hard work and a mess. I hate to work that hard for my dinner, that's why I never order peel and eat shrimp. My friend Dennis once took me to a breakfast restaurant in Albuquerque that had toasters on the table. Once again, I don't want to work for my meal. I expect buttered toast delivered to me by a waitress when I go out for breakfast. So last night I left that seafood restaurant feeling bloated. You would have thought that with all that work it took to get to that meat, it would have been a zero sum dinner. Apparently not. apparently eating two pounds of crab legs, and two whole lobsters will bloat you no matter how hard you have to work for it. Oh, and that baked potato didn't help either.


  1. I don't mind working for crab and lobster, though.

    You've just given me a craving. We don't get so much crab and lobster over here, though. We get mackerel and cockles. :)

    It's true!

  2. I love the idea of a toaster on the table! Hot fresh toast...not dried up bread that sat under a heat lamp while the rest of your meal "caught up"!

  3. I'm with Kim...I'd work for lobster and crabs also.
    What stops people like me from putting things in the toaster that aren't supposed to go?