Monday, December 2, 2013

Mark is Evil and Mean

So last Thursday, Thanksgiving, Mark and I went to our friend's lovely home for dinner. I have to say, other than some gas issues after dinner and some rustic dinner table conversation thanks to the fact that there were only men there, dinner was fantastic. Cocktails and a parade of appetizers started off the evening. So many appetizers that by the time our hosts announced dinner was ready, I was almost full. The opening soup helped me overcome my desire to stop eating. It was a puree of green beans and cheese, it was delicious. Here's the best part about Thanksgiving dinner, Mark didn't cook it. I didn't have to clean up. I was even invited to lay down on the living room floor and nap after dinner as the tryptophan did it's job. I didn't actually do that. Instead I had another vodka cocktail before saying goodnight, pleased that I had avoided the annual ritual of cleaning up after Mark.

Early Friday I became aware of some activity in the kitchen, so I stuck my head around the corner and peeked in there.
    "What's going on?"
    "I'm making dinner." Mark said with his arm buried halfway up a turkey's butt. "I'm cooking the stuffing inside it, just the way you like it."
    "But we just had turkey yesterday and I'm still recovering. I was so tired I fell asleep on the toilet this morning. How do you expect me to eat another full Thanksgiving dinner?"
    "I know, but I miss going through the motions of a holiday meal."
So on Friday evening we had a full Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, candied yams, cranberry sauce, wine, and a mess in the kitchen. Exactly what I thought I had avoided, tons of dirty dishes, dirty pots and pans, and bits of food and grease everywhere. I am absolutely positive Mark did it because I had been so ecstatic about us not having the big meal at our house this year. Well, it's not all bad. Saturday we had leftovers for dinner. On Sunday we had turkey pot pie. Today there is turkey soup on the stove, and in the fridge there is still a pile of turkey stuffing made just the way I like it.


  1. We went to NYC for Thanksgiving so I thought I'd gotten out of the messy kitchen also, but there is a 20 lb. frozen turkey in our freezer because my wife couldn't resist the free coupon for one at our grocery store. I see more turkey in my future also...

  2. No turkey here. I've been in a bad mood since about July and so I refused to cook for Thanksgiving. And at this rate we might have meatloaf for Christmas.

  3. I would love meatloaf for Christmas. Mark makes an unbelievable meatloaf. However, he also makes a great prime rib, which is what he usually does on Christmas, so I'll take that.

  4. You've got to be kidding? After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, Mark decides to cook a Thanksgiving dinner again? Because he missed "...going through the motions of a holiday meal." That man is insane! He has you in his web and will never let you out. Food, Foood, FOOOOD!!!