Tuesday, July 1, 2014


There is a television channel on cable called Bravo. Until Mark started watching it I assumed it was all about Broadway shows, Opera, and theater in general. You know, like when after a moving performance somebody in the audience shouts "Bravo!". I was very wrong. It is about women with humongous breast implants, humongous puffed up lips, and teeny, tiny little brains who wouldn't know the difference between opera and Oprah. Bravo is the channel that has shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Orange County, Atlanta, and various other cities and regions. Real housewives as in June Cleaver was a real housewife. I doubt any one of them has any idea how to run a real household. They know where to get Botox, yet I would bet not one of them knows who is President of the United States. Bravo is filled with shows that feature airheads who live in their own little bubble. The reason I know so much about Bravo is because Mark watches it constantly.
            Bravo has a new show that Mark has been watching lately. It's called Ladies of London. It's basically The Real Housewives of London, but without real housewives in the title. It's a show featuring a bunch of dimwitted ninnies with British accents. How dimwitted? Okay, this is a show for American audiences, by an American television channel, and one of the Ladies turns to the camera and says with a straight face, "Shooting is big in the U.K. We go shooting every season in the U. K.", as in shooting guns. I can only assume that they didn't tell her she was talking to an American audience, people who have turned shooting into a religion. If shooting is so big in the U.K., what the hell is it in Chicago?

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  1. so embarrassing. I find it very hard to watch those shows but I must confess that sometimes I find myself kind of fascinated in a sick way. And then I snap out of it.