Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spider Season

We have lots of different seasons here in Florida. We have alligator mating season where you might find a big male gator that has wandered out of the swamp, in your garage looking to mate with the lawn mower. There is hurricane season also known as the time of year Home Depot sells all of its plywood. That is followed closely by the plywood return season. Of course that only happens if we manage to duck all the hurricanes. There is tourist season, actually two tourist seasons. One in winter when those with lots of money come down from up north, and the summer tourist season when everything is cheap. That's the season my dad used to bring the family down to Florida. Right now it seems that it is spider season. I walked out the door with the dogs this morning, directly into a spider web. They are everywhere. Strung across the gazebo on the deck out back, across the sidewalk and dog run, and just about anywhere they can anchor two strands of spider silk. The photo above is of the spider that spun its web across the swimming pool. Quite a feat of engineering there. The only problem with all the spider webs is that I have managed to walk into just about all of them. Besides the icky feeling of spider web clinging to your face and arms, there is the problem of where did the spider go? Unless I can see the spider clinging to the remnants of its web, I have to do the full body beat down, slapping every part of myself just to be sure the spider hasn't hitched a ride. Worst spider web interaction so far this week... when I got up yesterday morning and walked into a spider web strung between the cabinets in the kitchen. I hate spider season.


  1. Haha! It's spider season here too. Almost every morning I walk outside with Belle I encounter and react the same. Indoor spider season comes about October.

  2. I'm still stuck on alligator mating season. Is there a call that they make? Does it sound like the purr of a lawn mower?

  3. The mating male alligator lets out a bellow, not unlike the sound my dad used to make when we were in big trouble.