Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cat Poop

There's a smell out by the front porch. It's a very strong, pungent odor that smells like cat poop. Probably because that's where cats have been pooping lately. Ever since the yard guy cleaned out all the vines from the front yard, every cat in the neighborhood has claimed our front yard as the communal litter box. I've asked around for ideas on how to mitigate the obnoxious odor, and the one I find most intriguing comes from Mark. He told me that five pounds of lime spread around the area should kill the odor, and that it is readily available at Home Depot. By the way, Mark pretty much told me last night that he does not want to move to Chicago. He is dead set against it. So, if five pounds of lime can kill the stink of cat poop out in the front yard, how much would I need..... 


  1. Well...that IS a sticky wicket as they say here in England.

  2. Tell Mark we will miss him......

  3. Gravel it over and make a rock garden too. The new owners will appreciate it.