Monday, August 25, 2014

IS You IS, or IS You Not Afraid?

Here we go again. I was laying in bed watching the Sunday morning political blab shows, and there they were. The blithering idiots who inhabit these Sunday morning shows trying to scare the poop out of the many chicken hearted in our country.
"Many (ISIS terrorists) with European accents have passports that would grant direct travel to the U.S."
"...with enough space and planning, this could become the most significant terror threat we have ever faced in this country."
"...there's a number of Americans, a number of Canadians and a number of West Europeans who went to Syria to join ISIS to fight with them."
"...we need to worry about a 9/11-style attack by ISIS."
So we're supposed to be scared to death of a bunch of idiots seven thousand miles away, who may or may not try to come to the United States, armed only with a passport. Because unless they have a navy, or an air force, the only way they'd be able to get here is on a commercial airline. "But!" you say, "That's how they got here on September 11th, 2001."  Well, yes it is. Unfortunately, that was our own fault. How was that our fault, you ask? I'll tell you. Way back in 1969, within eleven days of each other, two airplanes were hijacked in the United States. After that it seemed like it was open season for hijackers. What did the government do to stop hijacking of airplanes. They hired a bunch of nitwits to look through our carry-on luggage and pass a 'wand' over our bodies before we boarded our flights. What they should have done was secure the cockpit doors on every single airplane that flew into and over the United States. A secure cockpit door that was strong enough to withstand any force, that was bullet proof, and 9/11 would have been much different. Also, we would not have had George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld scare us into spending trillions of dollars on two dumb ass wars. If they couldn't get into the cockpit, they couldn't have flown those planes into those buildings.

So no, I am not scared of those morons running around the desert with the equipment that we gave the Iraqis, that the Iraqis left behind when they ran away. What I am afraid of are the people right here in our country who despite the slaughter of twenty first grade children, despite the slaughter of twelve people who went out to simply watch a movie, despite the slaughter of thousands of Americans every year, still insist that no controls what so ever need to be instituted against guns. I am terrified of the hateful racist cops who beat and kill unarmed people without consequence. My blood runs cold when I realize that there are hundreds of cult like hate groups in the United States who would love to murder me just because I am gay. Is ISIS scary? Yes, if I lived in Iraq. But I don't. The assholes who stood on the highway overpass in Nevada with automatic weapons aimed at the Federal agents who were trying to collect unpaid taxes from that nut bag Cliven Bundy, that's scary.


  1. All I could think to say to this is Amen brother... Exactly.

  2. Again, well said and TRUE!!