Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Saturday evening, while Mark was out gallivanting (I hate that word, but it sounds so right here.), I dutifully went around the house and reset all of the clocks. From that time on everything seemed out of sync. I hate changing all the clocks twice a year. I wish they'd just leave it one time all year long and quit this crap. I once heard that it was so that the farmers would have more daylight in the summer. I know that's just stupid. It's still the same amount of daylight, and besides, tractors have lights on them now. Anyway, the proper time to change the clocks is supposed to be two in the morning. Well hell's bells, I'm not getting out of bed just to do that, so I did it in the early evening. Now all of my television shows were screwed up. I knew I had changed the clocks, but somehow I couldn't do the adding or subtracting of the time to figure out when things were going to be on. It wasn't until I double checked what I had done that I figured out my mistake. Ten clocks, I reset ten clocks, all the wrong way. I don't know how I did it. In my head I had repeated that little saying over and over, "Fall forward, Spring back."

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