Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toasty, Comfy, Warm

Well the cold weather has arrived, lower sixties today, but the closet in the hallway is empty of coats. They are all still on the sofa in my office. I put them there when I had the big air conditioner mess so that the repair guy could get in that closet. Yes, we need coats down here in Florida. Sometimes it can get really cold. I remember the year I moved here, 1989, the temperature dropped to twenty nine degrees on Christmas eve that year. You need to be prepared for those once in a decade cold spells, so I have three cold weather coats/jackets. I have a hoodie sweatshirt, a suede jacket, and for those really cold mornings a pea coat. Mark on the other hand, has a whole bunch of jackets and coats, around twenty of them. Because you never know when that climate change thing will kick in really good and turn Florida into the arctic and palm trees will sprout in Minnesota. Just kidding, there is really no need to have that many coats when you live in Florida, or Chicago for that matter. I have asked Mark to go through the pile on the sofa and get rid of some of the excess coats so that the hall closet won't be so overstuffed, which explains why they are still on the sofa and why the dogs have turned the pile into a nice little dog bed.
Find the dog in this photo

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  1. They sure do make a great dog bed! You have 2 very, very lucky dogs!