Friday, October 23, 2015

Must be the Season of the Witch

I love the change of seasons. Just like up north, when the leaves change colors and there is a nip in the air, we have autumn here in Florida too. There is no dramatic change like there is in Chicago, but there are little tell tale signs that summer has finally ended. First of all, the temperature drops down into the mid eighties. Yesterday it was eighty five degrees and I didn't sweat nearly as much while outside painting the house. Even the air conditioning system shuts off once in awhile now. Also I've noticed another sign of autumn. While walking Chandler around the block, the blue jays have started dive bombing him. Every year they show up to start nesting and if Chandler gets within ten feet of their nests, they attack. They really seem to hate him personally, because they don't attack Bette. Finally, there is the one autumn spectacle that I enjoy the most. It leaves me in awe every year, and causes Chandler to go nuts. It's the return of the vultures. Yesterday I saw three turkey vultures circling in the sky above us, the first of the season. From below you would never know how god awful ugly they are. They soar across the sky and form swirling clouds, rising with the thermals. With wings spread wide they swoop down across our path as Chandler jumps in the air, somehow thinking he can actually catch one of them. Yes, beautiful birds. Until you see them on the ground with their ugly bald heads ripping the flesh off of road kill. Ah, autumn.

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