Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Morning Has Broken

I woke up just a bit later than normal this morning. Dawn came bright and clear, the air crisp. I walked my dogs around the block, same as always. The cool morning air helped revive me from the fog caused by the sleeping pill I took last night. As I came back in from our walk it was obvious that Mark was now up and in full throat. I could hear him squawking like a over stimulated parrot through the locked door, "Idiots! Morons! Squawk... screech!" I should cherish that sound. As much as I always make fun of him for his high pitched voice, and his loud opinions flying around here, I will miss it. He'll probably be dead within a year after he loses his healthcare. Because remember, that is what we were told. When the republicans take over the entire government, the first thing that they will do is repeal 'Obamacare'. Anyway, nothing I can do. The people have spoken. I'll just sit back with a nice vodka cocktail and watch the shit show. Please, enjoy what you have done my fellow Americans.

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