Friday, November 11, 2016

Spinless Old Goat

Mark has two passions, cooking and shopping. Which explains why he spends hours watching the QVC shopping channel. Every Sunday I'll be in the living room watching football and Mark will be in the bedroom watching "In the Kitchen With David". It's shopping and cooking, all rolled up into one show that seems to last for hours. So knowing all that, you should understand what a thrill it was for Mark to discover a new supermarket yesterday. I have to admit, it was quite an impressive place. They had foods from all over the world. They have an aisle devoted to Belarus foods, whatever the hell that would be. That's how specific they get. As you go up and down the aisles it's like going on a trip around the world. The products often have labels in the language of the country of origin without any English translation. I'm sure Vladimir Putin would feel right at home in the Russian aisle. So as Mark wandered aimlessly through the vastness of the Cermak Fresh Market, oohing and aahing, I did some exploration of my own. I found that they had a very nice bakery, with all kinds of strange baked goods. I followed my nose to the taco bar, and just beyond that the gelato stand. I stopped in front of the butcher shop, it was immense. They sell every part of every animal in the barnyard. I literally stood there with my mouth agape, staring into the meat counter. I did not know that chicken feet were a thing, nor did I know that goat spine was a delicacy. Anyway, Mark and I eventually came back together in front of some shelves full of different fruit preserves. I told Mark all about the goat spines, but he was frustrated. In that entire store, in every aisle he looked in, there were no lingonberry preserves. I mean, if they can stock West African fufu flour you would think they could stock Swedish lingonberry preserves.

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