Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farmer Mark

There is nothing like the soil of the American Mid-West. It is among the most fertile in the world. When I was a kid, we would plant a garden behind our garage, and grow corn, tomatoes, and various other things. The only crop that I remember having a problem with was watermelon. It seems that the watermelon is a southern crop and all we could grow were small melons suitable for use as softballs.

One crop that you should grow with caution, (besides marijuana) is zucchini. I have tried growing zucchini, and at first it was great. Perfect little tender veggies about four to six inches long that tasted great. The problem was that they grew fast and if you didn't pay attention for a couple of days, you came back to huge zucchinis that looked like they were on steroids and might even contain alien beings.

Here at our house in Florida, Mark has been growing tomatoes this year, and even though I have made fun of his gardening skills, and called his garden the Auschwitz for plants, I have to admit he's done a pretty good job. We have been eating his tomatoes for the last two weeks, and unlike the crappy hard ones you get at the supermarket, these are very flavorful and tender. And of course Mark's tomatoes are salmonella free.


  1. Every summer I would look forward to some of those delicious home grown tomatoes. Nothing you buy in the grocery store comes anywhere close to the tomatoes from the garden. Everyone in the Chicago area that grew tomatoes would have tons that would ripen at the same time, which was great for those of us that don't like to grow our own. Enjoy your harvest before the critters that live in your yard start to serve themselves.

  2. I have been eating Hydroponic tomatoes lately.

  3. Mmmmm theres nothing like the taste of home grown tomatoes !!

  4. Can't wait for my neighbors garden to over-produce salmonella-free tomatoes and zucchini! We always find a bag of vegies on our doorstep at some point during the summer!!! YUM!!