Monday, June 16, 2008

Molly Update

3PM, Saturday; This is not a happy time for me. Molly went to the vets yesterday and over $1600 later, all I know is that she has a problem that is more likely fatal than not. What the doctor told me is that she has an enlarged esophagus, or Megaesophagus. (click on link for more info)

Unfortunately the outlook is grim, and if they can't find the underlying cause, I have some decisions to make soon. It will take a week to get the results of all the tests, to find out if they can cure Miss Molly. Until then I have to make sure she gets her food down and give her the medications that she needs. This is all on top of Fat Kitty and her problems. It almost looks like a animal hospital around here.

As far as Carlotta and Fat Kitty are concerned, the veterinarian recommended that I get Carlotta's fangs trimmed. She says it doesn't hurt her and doesn't interfere with her eating because she is an inside cat. At least if she bites Fat Kitty again, it won't cause a puncture and abscess. Fat Kitty herself is doing fine and living Carlotta free in the south wing of the house.

7PM, Saturday; We picked up Molly and she looks good, isn't drooling as much, and seems happy. I think I can cope with this. Three different medications three times a day, and I have to feed her by hand while she sits up. Four times a day, little meatballs of dog food. I only hope I have someone to feed me little meatballs when I'm her age.

6:30PM, Sunday; Again I am discouraged. Molly is breathing hard at times and the look of distress on her face is troubling. It is hard sometimes to get her to eat her food.Sorry for the bad story today, but I just don't feel very happy.


  1. Alan, I am so sorry to hear about Molly. I know how much you love her and how much she means to you. It's so painful having to make the kind of decisions you have to make but you'll do what's best for your Miss Molly. Give her a kiss for me.

  2. Here is website which may help you though this chapter in Molly's wonderful life....which you gave her!

  3. I'm sorry about Molly, Alan. It seems just a short time ago she was floppy puppy knocking me down and smelling me. As she aged she became a real pal although the recliner and mixed drinks may have been over the edge. Love you pal.

  4. Poor Molly. Poor you Alan. I'm so sorry...

  5. Oh my its such horrible news, poor Molly :(

  6. I'm so sorry Alan...this is the price we pay for loving our animals. Our Annie had the best, most spoiled week of her life at the long as you can handle her hospice care, do so. Besides, you need time to get used to making the final decision. I knew it was time when she collapsed and her breathing was so labored, and the poor thing just looked so frightened. I highly recommend that you be with her at the end. The last voices she heard and the last faces she saw were ours...and then she just went to sleep.