Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dead Voters and My Breakfast

In November 1960 I was ten years old, and my friend Jimmy and I were asked by a neighbor if we wanted to help campaign for John Kennedy. Of course we did, Kennedy and I were members of the same club, the Catholic Church. So like good little soldiers we went around with red, and white flyers under our arms, knocking on doors in our mostly Republican town. The one thing I remember about that day is going home to see my newborn baby sister Lisa, just home from the hospital, with red ink staining my hands from the flyers. A couple of months later, for the first time in my life, I watched the inauguration of a president. Hooray, our guy won, albeit with the help of a few dead folks voting from the grave in Chicago.

Mark claims that he wasn't for Barack Obama at first, that he was a John Edwards fan, and right up until yesterday he continued to be a hard ass, constantly pointing out the flaws in Obama. The truth is that the election of Barack Obama has meant a lot to Mark. The reason I know this is because when Mark is happy he cooks. This morning I heard the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen, and the unmistakable smell of food. Mark never cooks breakfast, but this morning he couldn't contain himself, and as a result I was served one of the best omelet's I have ever eaten.

Up until today, I have never seen an inauguration as anticipated as this one. The only thing I can compare it to was the inauguration of Kennedy, and still Kennedy's pales by comparison. I hope Obama does a good job, but I am not holding my breath waiting for Mark to make me breakfast all the time. Not even President Obama can make him that happy.


  1. Yes, we are lucky to be old enough to remember the Kennedy election. I remember my friend, Holly Sue, (a "public"-that's what we called kids who went to public school)snottily telling me that "You only want him to win because he's Catholic." At the time I wasn't quick enough (12 y.o.)to say "and THAT'S why you don't want him to win!" That inauguration was watched in brilliant black and white at our house.

  2. I heard JFK sprained his ankle the first day in the White House...he tripped over the Pope's luggage.

    Ha Ha, remember that one?

  3. I'm so happy that Mark was happy and you were happy because you got breakfast. As I watched the inauguration my smile got bigger and bigger and bigger. I felt like a giant burden had finally been lifted (even though it took a wheelchair to get one of the f*ckers out)

  4. What was with the first lady's dress? I know she is trying to set a good example for spending wisely. But, is a toilet paper gown really necessary?

  5. Hostess: Cheney reminded me of Doctor Strangelove in the wheelchair.

    Russell: That was the first thing I said to Mark, "What's with the roll of toilet paper on the First Lady?".

  6. 1)As Cheney was wheeled in someone called him "Mr. Potter" (from the movie "Its a Wonderful Life")He was the mean evil banker!

    2)I didn't like her election night dress or the inaugaral gown. But I've seen her in some really attractive outfits.