Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Born Free

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You may have noticed that I have taken down the poll for naming my two new, outdoor kitty cats. After five days of voting, it has been overwhelmingly decided by a two to one margin over all the others that Iggy and Ratfink, or Ratzo, are the favorites. So yesterday Mark and I went up to Pet Supermarket and got them new collars, and little tags with my phone number, and their names, Britney and Lindsey, on them. That is the great thing about having control of something like my stupid little blog. I can override whatever I don't like. Imagine the fun we would all have if I were the dictator of the United States.

This morning, after fitting them with their fancy new neckwear, I put some delicious seafood supper, and Purina dry food in some bowls for them, just outside the cage. I then left the cage door open, and went into the house for a couple of minutes. When I returned, both cats were nowhere to be seen. 'Damn', I thought, 'they ran away'. But of course I needn't have worried, they're cats, and a couple of hours later they were back wandering around the pool, and stopping by for a little nosh. They weren't even very worried about the big dog barking at them through the window. So I guess I have two new yard cats for sure, and they are young so it may be fifteen to twenty years of cats in the yard. Look out rats, and iguanas, Britney and Lindsey are looking for you!


  1. Great names for your new cats!

  2. Britney and Lindsey......because they are tramps?????