Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cold Comfort

(Written yesterday)

It was forty six degrees this morning when I got up to walk Chandler. I know that for folks who live in Chicago, that is a heat wave at this time of year. For those of us in Florida, however, it is a shock to the system, and we start digging through the closets and drawers for our stylish winter wear. In the case of one of my neighbors it was a Chicago Bears sweat shirt. "How about those Bears last night, beating the Vikings?" I said after spying her shirt. "I don't know about that, this is my ex-husbands shirt. That bastard was always watching football.", she sneered back. At least it makes it easier to spot the tourists among us. While those of us who spend all summer here basking in the steamy glow of the tropical sun are bundled up like Nanook, the tourists strut around in shorts, and flip flops, oblivious to the forty degree wind chill. And you can always spot the assholes from New Jersey, driving around with the top down in their rented convertibles. Often with a couple of bimbos sitting on the back of the seat yelling 'Woo Hoo!'

Last night I watched the Bears on Monday Night Football, and although they tried very hard to lose the game in the second half, somehow they did win it. One thing I always notice when watching football late in the season, is how damn cold it is up north. It makes me feel so cold just watching those guys on the field, running around with no sleeves, or even gloves in many cases. Added to that are the shots of the crowd, and the inevitable shirtless guys screaming and cheering with clouds of steam billowing from their mouths. Monday night it was making me feel so cold that I was thinking of closing the windows. Then I remembered, I forgot to turn off the air conditioning.


  1. oooh, thanks for throwing me a bone (don't be nasty) with that first pic.

  2. Well Syd, you've been running ass photos all week. I figured I would join you.

    Yours are cute, but kind of hairy.

  3. Oh! Spare us the thongs.

  4. Ith there thomthing wrong with thinging a little thong?

  5. What bar did you just come from?