Monday, July 30, 2012


There was a time when if you saw somebody walking towards you, and they were talking loudly to no one in particular, you would give them a wide berth. No need to get too near a crazy person. Then about fifteen years ago I started noticing more and more crazy people walking around town talking to themselves. I mentioned it to Mark at the time, and he informed me of ‘Bluetooth’.
“What the hell is that, some kind of pirate with bad teeth that drives you crazy?”
“No, it’s a device that lets you talk on your cell phone hands free.”
So over the years I have got quite used to seeing numbskulls walking around, shouting into their Bluetooth, and sharing their personal business with everybody. During our stay here in Chicago however, I found that there are still homeless people with mental problems walking around, talking to themselves. Either that or the more boorish of Chicagoans tend to wear dirty clothes and neglect their personal hygiene.


  1. that's funny I've seen that happen before weird...

  2. Just saw a dude yelling at traffic and karate chopping the air near the Publix grocery store. I don't think he had a bluetooth. In fact I don't think he had any teeth.