Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a Shit Heat

“Gasp, choke… air, give me some goddamned air.”
It’s hard to believe but that’s me and not Mark begging for some relief from this heat. I’ve lived twenty three summers in South Florida, and I’ve never felt this bad because of the heat. What the hell is it with Chicago heat? It’s not a dry heat, it’s not a wet heat. What it is, is a air polluted, throat inflaming, chunky kind of heat. Mark is not taking it well. He has respiratory problems and this shit is really aggravating it. I’ve suggested we throw in the towel, and just drive back to Florida, but Mark says no. He says he can’t do it. So I guess we are trapped here in Chicago until the heat breaks, and we can actually breathe air again instead of this hazy, brown, gunk.


  1. You may get one day where it's beautiful 78ish temp and low humidity, but it will be right back up there! And of course as we age, we hate this crappy weather even more! And of course our office has the temp at 65 degrees and I have to wear a sweater! Yes summer in Chicago!

  2. I am sorry. It sucks ass here in Philly also. 100˚ temps today. I'm glad Chandler got to poop in every state he went thru and I'm sorry you had to do the same...

  3. Another person that dislikes this weatherJuly 18, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    You thought it was bad in Florida - this weather lately has been worse than Florida's! I hope Mark is feeling better soon and there's a break in the weather so you can enjoy yourselves for at least a few days. Hang in there - remember it's Chicago and the weather changes by the minute!!

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