Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When I was a kid my mom had a big pressure cooker. I remember that it had a little valve on top that constantly spit out steam. I was so fascinated by it that once I reached up and gave it a tug. Damn that steam burned. 

Right now I am using my little blog as sort of a relief valve. At the moment Mark and I are bitching and screaming at each other because I left our car at a Chrysler dealer near here to get the a/c fixed. Unfortunately I didn’t check with ‘Yelp’ for reviews of this place. It seems that it rates a one star out of five. From all the reviews I have read I’d say that I turned my car over to a den of incompetent thieves. Incompetent because after three days they still can’t fix my car, and thieves because it seems they over charge often. Mark doesn’t go anywhere without checking Yelp, whereas I plunge headlong into everything. We still don’t have our car back, but when it is time to pick it up I am turning everything over to Mark. It should be interesting. Remember, he grew up in the Bronx and New Jersey.


  1. You should asked a family member or friend where a good mechanic is that they are happy with.

  2. Interested ReaderJuly 25, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Make sure you have a camera rolling when you guys go and pick up the car! It will make a GREAT Thursday video!!!!

  3. The situation with your vehicle is one of those that leaves one with a feeling of helplessness. Hope your able to get 3 star service from them in the end.
    I guess I shouldn't have used the term "in the end".
    You really could use some good news now.
    All the best,

  4. Picked up the car late this afternoon. They assured me it was blowing cold air. Four blocks from the Chrysler dealer the air started blowing hot. I don't want to bring it back, I don't trust them. I'm going to try Bettenhausen in Tinley Park. I grew up across the street from that guy. The repairs are warranteed.

    I feel nauseous.

  5. Don't pay them. They didn't fix the air.

  6. Well, not paying them would be nice except that you don't get your car back until you pay.

  7. Definitely send Mark in!!! What a bunch of crapola.