Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicken Shack, Mail Sack

I find humankind to be divided between the stupid, and the intelligent with a number of humans to be floating somewhere in between, sort of like free electrons drawn to whatever looks shiny. I know that at times I am stuck between smart and stupid, but I like to think that most of the time I drift towards smart. It’s when I have to deal with the bunch mired firmly in the stupid camp that I am driven crazy. Saturday we ordered chicken from Harold’s Chicken Shack. Mark ordered on line, and put in the special request space the words, “Please include some ketchup.” Well, an hour later our chicken arrived. It was smothered with ketchup. Not only the chicken, but the fries and bread were also completely covered in ketchup. How goddamned stupid do you have to be to not figure out that Mark wanted ketchup on the side?

So that was Saturday’s stupid. On Sunday one of our tenants called and told me that nobody had received mail for over a week. Mr. ‘O’, our Korean mailman had struck again. Mark and I put our mail on hold before going to Chicago. We made a point of telling the people at the post office that Mr. ‘O’ does not understand English, and he needs to be told not to hold all the mail for the entire building. Either they didn’t tell him that, or he is so goddamned stupid…..  wait a minute, let me catch my breath here.

Okay now let me go on. I guess we need people like that to show us just how brilliant we are. I just hope we brilliant people are at least marginally in the majority.


  1. The words, "please include ketchup" was exactly what they did to your order. They included ketchup exactly as Mark requested.

    Now if Mark would have written," please include ketchup ON THE SIDE" I'm sure that is what he would have received.

    They are not mind readers you know.
    Live and learn.

  2. Sometimes I order chipotle online. I put
    "guac on the side please" and they still put it in my bowl. Just on the side in my bowl!!! Nope. No fixing stupid.

  3. Most people would figure out that Mark didn't want ketchup on everything including the bread. Only stupid people would do that.

  4. You can ask people to put things "on the side" but they still screw it up. I think it all depends on what kind of mood they are in when they get the order! Poor Mark!

  5. I really did laugh out loud when I read this.

    I'm always trying to figure out if I'm actually smart or stupid. I do some damn stupid things...But I think I would know to put ketchup on the side.

    And I think you two are probably pretty smart. But it's nice to have people validate that, isn't it?

  6. Gee, I never had a ketchup sandwich.

  7. I know someone who made ketcup sandwiches for her kids when they were little - YUK!!

  8. Unfortunately most of the brilliant people are to smart to procreate.