Monday, November 26, 2012

Memories of Past Pets

Last year it was my office, the year before it was the living room. This year it's our bedroom that Mark has me 'redecorating'. It's a tough job, and I'm not getting any younger. When we re-did the living room I screwed up my knee, and had to go under the knife. Yesterday after moving heavy furniture out of the bedroom, and rolling up the heavy carpet, I noticed a pain across my chest. Either the overdose of gravy and stuffing from Thanksgiving was getting to me, or I had a mild heart attack. Seeing as I'm still alive today I think it was just indigestion.

The sad thing about moving all that heavy furniture out of the bedroom, are the memories it brings back. Understand that this furniture was left behind by my old tenant. It has been in place for years, and because of the weight it has never been moved for cleaning. As I sucked up the layers of dust and dirt with the vacuum from under each piece, I was reminded of my deceased cats, and my late dog Molly. Each gigantic dust bunny was made up of years of cat and dog hair. It's no wonder I have such bad allergies, and Mark walks around all day telling me that he can't breath. On the up side though, I have found enough money under there to finance a trip to my favorite bar.


  1. Ever hear of room air filters?

  2. Get rid of the carpeting or get a Roomba!