Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You will lift off that plate, and fly into my mouth... Now!

It's Mark's own fault. He has fed both of them from the table since day one. As soon as he sits down to eat, Chandler and Sasha move in and turn on their electro-magnetic, levitating eyes. Chandler also turns on his free flowing saliva spigot.


  1. Ha Ha!!!! Annie used to pour saliva as she sat at Ricks feet waiting for her tiny piece of a small peppermint stick! Not all dogs have that Pavlov reflex! Great picture with the glowing eyes!

  2. Stella now salivates like a spigot when food is around since losing her sight. That really is the only downside... well that and the running into Rocky's teeth.

  3. I think they're hypnotizing Mark.