Friday, January 31, 2014

Bette Gets a Snow Day

I was feeling bad for Bette. Thursday was training class day and we had not done our homework. I knew the training lady would be giving us the old stink eye when Bette failed to lay down on command, and instead of 'coming around', just came and went her own way. Those were the two things we were to work on this past week. I know, and the training lady knows, that it wasn't Bette's fault, it was mine. I failed to make the time to do our homework.

Over the last week I've heard a lot about snow days, and cold days. Those were the days, as a kid, that the weather saved us from failed homework assignments and scheduled tests. It was like a condemned man getting a reprieve from the governor because of the weather. I had an instant flashback to that time in my life yesterday. The phone rang during dinner, a strange number that I didn't recognize.
            "Hi Alan, this is Jody from Doberman Rescue. I'm just calling to tell you that there will be no training class tonight because of the rain."
I looked out the window, and sure enough, on the surface of the swimming pool I could see the raindrops. I thanked her for calling and let out a little cheer inside my head. Just like when I was a little shit, I got a reprieve. Tonight I wouldn't be embarrassed by my dog's failure to produce, or embarrassed by my lack of initiative. I love snow days.


  1. What is the temperature today down there in the evening? Us northerners want to hear it.

  2. Warm enough for the snow to come down as liquid.