Thursday, January 16, 2014


I'm sorry, I am going to talk about the weather again. I know I shouldn't do this but today was a glorious day. It reminded me of those early fall days when I was a kid, when the school year was still young, when the trees were just starting to turn, and a few fellows already were burning the first of the fallen leaves. Yesterday, here in South Florida, the temperatures fell into the low sixties. It caused some of my neighbors who have fireplaces, to light them up, filling the air with just a hint of smoke. If I closed my eyes I could imagine I was up north and it was October. In the back yard, my two feral cats felt it too and huddled up just inside the porch. As I walked the two dogs through the streets there was a noticeable increase in friskiness. Little Bette was infused with an extra degree of energy, taking running jumps at Chandler, landing on his back, and snapping at his ears. I only wish it was like this all the time. Unfortunately our weather reminds me of Chicago in another sense. Just like Chicago, we only get a precious few perfect days a year and they must be savored.


  1. Nice make me want to move to Florida during these winter months.

  2. Funny, I checked the beach cam

    yesterday and there was nobody there. We do wish we could spend more time in Ft. Lauderdale this time of year... Not quite a perfect 29 degrees here in Chicago now.

  3. Nobody there today either. It dropped into the fifties. Brrrrrrr.