Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chicken and Dumplings

Our house is a mélange of odors. Between the two dogs, Mark, me, and nature, you can get quite a variety. So yesterday morning when Mark mentioned that he "smelled something funny", I ignored him. About an hour later I also smelled "something funny". I thought it was another goddamned dead rat so I didn't mention it to Mark. With him not feeling well lately, I thought it best not to put that out there. He already is hacking and wheezing, I didn't need gagging added to that. Sometime around two thirty in the afternoon, as I snoozed in front of the television, Mark started screaming.
               "Something's burning! I smell something burning!"
I opened my eyes. There was a haze and a very weird odor wafting through the living room. Half asleep and completely disoriented, I stumbled out of my chair, and out the back door. Where was the fire? A quick run around the house revealed no obvious smoke or fire. It was as I walked past my tenant's kitchen door that I heard a sizzle. It was coming from inside the apartment so I pressed my face to the window. There on the stove was a large pot with smoke billowing from it. Cowering off in the other room I could see their dog Tuffy. I grabbed my keys, and let myself in. First thing, I let Tuffy out of the house. Then I grabbed what turned out to be a pot of chicken and dumplings, and put it in the sink.

I'm getting too old for this landlord shit. I'd love to sell this place and buy something simple like a small house or condo. I've tried to explain this to Mark, but he seems to love living here. What I don't understand, is who starts cooking chicken and dumplings in the morning and then goes to work?


  1. It does sound like a lot of aggregation.

  2. Holy crap who does that?! I'm so glad you guys found what it was and got to it before any damage was done.

  3. Holy chicken and dumplings Alan! It's a good thing you guys were home with very good smellers!
    They probably thought they could use their stove top as a slow cooker while they were at work. Don't make this mistake people!!! Stove tops aren't slow cookers!!!!

  4. No Patti, I talked to them. They thought that they had turned off the stove. What would bother me is that they left chicken out all day. Botulism?