Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drop

One drop in each eye, twice a day.
One drop in the left eye four times a day.
Two drops in each eye twice a day.
One drop in each eye as needed.
One drop on top of the drop that you dropped into your left eye after the drop you just dropped in there, twice a day.
One more drop in the left eye four times a day.

So how are my eyes doing since the surgery last week? Well, everything in the left eye is blurry, everything in the right eye is pretty much gone, and both eyes are water logged from all the crap I have to squirt into them all day long. Hopefully I am getting it all right. I have found that if I mess up my drop schedule I lose all track of what drops I still need, and what drops I've already put in my eyes. I have a little system that keeps them all lined up on the bathroom sink, with labels either facing out or facing in depending upon when they are taken, along with their each having a position on the sink that tells me the frequency. It is a great system, until I get distracted or interrupted. "Did I move that vial over there, or do I still have to drop that crap into my eye?"  Anyway, it's complicated. Hopefully I am getting it as close to what the doctor ordered as possible, and when I go back to see him he lets me know that everything is on schedule. At some point the doctor will remove the artificial lens he stuck in there, and my vision will improve. But until then, I'd run if I were you and I saw me driving around town.  Just kidding. I'm not driving, but I'd run anyway because it'll be Mark driving.


  1. Get better, Alan. Maybe watch a "Clockwork Orange". That's the first thing I thought of when I read your post...

  2. Clockwork Orange is what I think of every time I go to the eye doctor. He has all the torture devices there.

  3. Good to hear you are doing ok after that in-office surgical experience!! With the various meds and supplements I'm taking I can relate to your display of bottles there.

    Of course the only "drip drip drip" sounds around here are indicators of the snow melting off our roof...

  4. Imagine trying to get a 93yr old woman to follow the eye drop schedule. ...Rick made Pearl a form to use....but I don't think she gets it right. Half the drops are soaking into the counter!

  5. Hoping your eyes get better.