Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Not The 'N' Word, and That's Not Saul Goodman

Last evening Mark and I went to the city commission meeting to protest local attorney and city  commissioner Ted Galatis, and his use of the word Nigger in a road rage incident.
 You can read my post about that by clicking here.

Mark said a lot more than they showed. He was very good for speaking totally unprepared. Here's a little more quoted from the Sun-Sentinel.

Resident Mark Knowles said the use of the word "was like being stabbed."
"If you get mad at a gay person, do you call him the F-word? If you get mad at a Jewish person, do you call him the K-word?" Knowles asked.


  1. Yep just another slimy politician saying what he truly thought instead of what was politically correct. When the cameras are on he's oh so proper but his arrogant attitude showed in your last clip. He's not sorry, he's just sorry someone caught him.

  2. Even when he's saying he's sorry he's saying it like a petulant child who was caught and told to say that he was sorry. Also, how ironic that they would escort that woman out and say "there are certain words we don't allow said in public. " Oh really? if that's the case why don't you escort Ted out of there?

  3. The clip stopped in the middle!! But very proud of you two for speaking out.

  4. Kim, try clicking on the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner, and watch it from the youtube site.