Friday, June 26, 2015

I'll Take What's Behind Drawer Number Three

Out on our porch is an old piece of furniture. It's a tall wicker dresser like thing with five drawers in it. It used to sit inside the house and was full of stuff. I'm not sure what Mark had in there, just stuff. When we got new furniture we moved it outside and filled it with outside stuff. I'm not sure just what kind of outside stuff is in there, just stuff. That's the thing, we have furniture all over this place filled with stuff that we haven't used in years that we don't even miss, yet there it sits taking up space. Anyway, what is in that five drawer thing out on the porch is going to remain a mystery. That's because about a year ago I was walking past it and I heard something from inside. Some kind of tiny critter was scrounging around in there. I figured it was a wandering lizard. Over the last few months however, I have heard more noises coming from inside the drawers each time I walk by. Skittering, scratching noises. I decided not to investigate. I didn't want to open a drawer and come face to face with some kind of angry, biting, animal. Yesterday, as I was out back watering the flowers, I walked past the drawers again. The sound of whatever is living in there has become so common that I usually don't pay it any attention. However, yesterday was different. This time the whole piece of furniture rocked back and forth, and from within I heard the distinct scratching and skittering of more than one beast. One of them must be very large if it is capable of actually moving the dresser like that. Like I said, I have no idea what we put in those drawers. If after all these years I haven't had the need to get anything out of them, I figure that it can't be very important. So I have made the decision that I am not opening those drawers ever again. Whatever animal is in there can be assured that they can live there in peace. And when we sell this place and move, I'll leave it for the new owner as a house warming present.