Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh, it's Such a Sucky Day

Yesterday was a sucky day. It was one of those days where by the evening you're feeling a bit down and that bottle of vodka is looking like a good idea. The day started with my air conditioning system leaking, again. This is the third time, and each time the moisture seeps under the living room floor causing all kinds of problems. So now I have to pay to have the air conditioner fixed, and I have to pay to have the living room floor ripped up again, and re-laid. That of course means that I had to call the real estate agent and tell him not to schedule any showings until all this work is done. Which brings me to the next sucky part of yesterday. Agent Al, my real estate agent, informed me that the building two doors down, the one that is almost identical to my building, was sold last week for one hundred thousand dollars less than what I have my place listed for. It's complicated, but the sale of that place at that price brings down the value of my building according to the banks. And of course it's the banks that control the financing. Now you might think that is a whole lot of bad luck for one man to endure in one day. You might ask, what more could possibly happen to that poor schmuck? Well I'll tell you what could happen. The cat fell into the swimming pool. Lindsey Lohan was leaning over, lapping up that delicious swimming pool water, and she lost her balance. I was just coming back from taking Chandler for a walk and there she was, waiting by the front door, soaking wet, standing in a puddle. You could see the path of wetness winding its way from the edge of the swimming pool were she crawled out, across the pool deck, and through the cat door that leads to the outer hallway. The poor girl was beside herself. So that old folklore about cats hating water? It's true. Cats hate water, and cats can swim. 

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