Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bad Neighborhood?

Very busy day yesterday. I had an appointment with the eye doctor, which is never a fun time, and our real estate guy, Agent Al, had somebody coming over at three in the afternoon to look at the place. So I got up early Wednesday morning and started cleaning. I mopped, scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed. I busily went around the house doing my best to make it look like we lived a very neat and clean lifestyle. As usual, I stuffed every loose kitchen knick-knack into the microwave. In the bathrooms I threw everything under the sinks. In the sun room I removed Bette's pee pads and disinfected the area. After a thorough Fabrezing of the house, I was ready.

At noon I left for the eye doctor appointment. I truly hate the eye doctor. Not the man himself, just the whole process because it always involves different forms of torture. This time, besides the little purple light that he pokes into my eyes to measure the pressure, the doctor had a new tool. It was kind of like the little mirror on the end of a metal stick that the dentist uses to look in your mouth. Except this tool looked like it had some sort of lens on the end of it and instead of sticking it in my mouth, the doctor used it to mush my eyeball around. I did not like it.
"Awk! What is that for?" I said in a startled voice as he mashed my eyeball into my skull.
"Now, now, just sit still. It doesn't hurt, it only tickles a little bit."
And with that he started smooshing my eyeball from one side and then the other. I think all doctors should have to go through some of the procedures they inflict on others just so that they don't say stupid things like that. It did not tickle. It hurt.

After over two hours at the doctor, Mark  picked me up and we raced back home for the showing. Our job when Agent Al shows the place is to wrangle the dogs out of the way. As Agent Al and the prospective buyers move from apartment to apartment, Mark and I shuffle the dogs out one door and into another. It can be complicated if Bette makes a break for it. At three in the afternoon Agent Al arrived, right on time. I walked out to his car to have a chat before the buyers got here. At one minute after three Agent Al's phone rang and he put it on the speaker.
"Uh, hi. Is this Al Charmelo?"
"Yes it is."
"This is Agent Asswipe of  Asswipe Real Estate. I have an appointment with you to look at a property between three and three thirty. I'm cancelling that appointment. The buyers have decided that they don't like that area."

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